Happy New Year!

Resolution 2016:

Remember that I don’t need resolutions – I need to be sure I’m focused on what I already know.

What I already know, 1977-2016:

1. Eat clean food. As much as I can. And don’t beat myself up over sweet treats and a bag of Doritos.

2. Constantly return to forgiveness. Always find my way back to compassion, humility, and hope.

3. Own it. Every day, I discover more of myself, and in so doing, I am forced to reflect on ways I could have been better-

4. Positivity. Be it. Embody it. Love it. Seek it. Speak it. Manifest it. Gravitate in its direction. Spread it around.

5. Love the ones you’re with. Love them big. Love them real- be present, and grateful for each moment, even if I’m spread thin, even if who I love doesn’t love me back quite the way I’d hoped – love them anyway, and keep loving.

6. Kick it with kids. They’re the most real thing out there.

7. Fall in love with yourself. Find ten things you love about you. Take a minute to really FEEL how it feels to be you – Do that every. Single. Day.

8. Continue to know that everything happens for a reason. Things won’t always work out as planned, and that’s okay.

9. I am fortunate. I am ecstatic about living. Life is Beautiful. I am happy I get to wake up everyday..

Resolve to honor the truths you already know.
Here’s to another trip around the sun. 



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