Lemon Dropper


Last summer I broke my shoulder, and I do mean severely broke! Fractured the upper humerus bone in 3 places. (Long story short) After being immobilized for 8 weeks I ended up with capsulitis- otherwise known as ‘frozen shoulder’. I went through months of grueling physical therapy, doctors appointments, ultrasound treatments, steroid injections etc…  You get the idea.

I am not one to give-up or complain. I have a business and a family to take care of. The show must go on! So, I have lived with the chronic pain for months. I am also not one to take a lot of medications i.e. ibuprofen etc. Having worked in health care for many years. I know about pharmaceuticals and the side effects and damage they can do.

So, I discovered these essential oils through a friend. Believe me when I say I was a skeptic. But these oils have helped so much with my pain! Essential oils are changing my life in so many ways. I (and my family) use them daily. My Mom just recently began using the oils for neuropathy and is already feeling the difference! What?! She has suffered for years. My Aunt has started using for arthritis. A friend of mine is using the oils for her son with ADHD and behavioral issues.

I am using these oils for everything! I diffuse the oils in our bedrooms at night for rest. My daughter is sleeping better, and I am also sleeping like a baby, I normally have insomnia! (That itself is amazing.) I use my other diffuser in the living area for wake-up and energizing. I carry the “Stress Relief roll-on” in my purse, and keep an extra in my studio 😉
I have treated headaches, heartburn, allergies and my high blood pressure, used for stretch marks & scars and blemishes, I use in my shampoo, I’ve even treated my husbands snoring!! These oils can do a MILLION different things! I still cannot believe all the testimonies from people! There are even natural cleaning products that are really amazing! And I save money by making my own laundry soap! I am “limmiting” harsh chemicals in our home. (I haven’t quit cold-turkey, but Im getting there) I am new at this, I’m still learning and finding new uses everyday for these oils. I wish I would have found them sooner. Love them!

Explore the “Lemon Droppers Handbook” LINK below. It’s a good place to start. It is a vibrant and fun way to explore and learn a little bit more about the oils. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am happy to help 🙂

Blessings~ Tara   { safarigirl77@hotmail.com }

The Lemon Drop Lounge Handbook:


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