My Shop

My Shop~
One of the great things about buying handmade is that there is a real person behind the item you’re purchasing. There is thought, love, care, and attention within each carefully crafted item, not to mention a unique product that you wouldn’t find at a mass retailer. I want my customers to be delighted with their item purchased from my shop.

Being a work-at-home Mom, my days are busy. I spend my days chasing my toddler around and making our house a home. After our little princess goes to bed, I spend the evenings in my studio. I truly love every minute I spend working on designs for my wonderful customers.

This past Fall, my good friend Amanda joined Itty Bitty Bracelet Boutique! When it became apparent I could not do EVERYTHING myself. Amanda now helps with orders and packaging… and keeps me from getting too lonely in my studio.
I am in my studio M-F evenings, and I save my weekends for my beautiful little family- though I do answer messages and emails pretty much 24/7 😉


There is something so special about a little girl’s first piece of beautiful jewelry.

A precious little piece of jewelry that I’ve created.. It may be for a new baby, a birthday or a wedding. I am so happy to be able to create something just for her… because every little girl is a princess!

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